UK Changes To Have Impact On Crown Dependencies

November 29, 2012

Hot on the back of the Panorama program it seems that the UK are set to introduce more legislation that will have a negative impact on the Crown Dependencies.
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Isle of Man Company Formation

October 31, 2012

Looking to incorporate on the Isle of Man? Here is everything you need to know.

The Isle of Man is a small island in the middle of the Irish Sea, it is a UK Crown Dependency but in real terms has its own government. When the tourism industry dried up in the 1980’s the island sought a new way of making its way in the world and set up what is now one of the most well known and respected offshore financial service centres in the world. As well as being at the forefront in OECD compliance it also has well established support services in place and a skilled financial services workforce who are strongly regulated.

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Obviously The UK Runs A Progressive Tax Regime?

August 14, 2012

Just don’t ask Usain Bolt about it! This isn’t about money that has been won in the UK but rather the UK government trying to grab a percentage of any endorsement fees (which in all reality could have nothing to do with the UK). It IS the way the UK government operates and it has and will stop not only top sports stars appearing in the UK but also is the reason why many top professionals in all industries have to count their time in the UK down to the nearest minute. The UK really is that desperate for money, just ask the offshores.

Makes you proud to be British.

Usain Bolt – Why the UK Taxman Wants To Take More Than What He’ll Earn Here

Isle of Man Tops The List

March 20, 2012

The list where companies are based which own some of the most expensive properties in the UK. I’m not sure how much the Isle of Man wants to be seen to be top of that list, on one hand it shows that their CSPs are doing something right, on the other hand it puts the Isle of Man once again in the sights of the UK Government. Especially seeing as how the loophole that has resulted in all these companies being formed is due to be closed in the 2012 Budget tomorrow.
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Why Did Harry Redknapp Use Monaco?

January 23, 2012

According to the prosecution Harry Redknapp used a bank account in Monaco to evade paying taxes on money he was paid as part of football transfers. The real question is why did he use Monaco and how come the ultra rich country isn’t scoffed at in the UK press in the same way as the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey whenever the notion of offshore crops up?
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The Global Financial Centres Index 9 – 2011

March 28, 2011

The 2011 Global Financial Centres Index is out and it makes very interesting reading. Perhaps of little surprise given the state of many major economies at the moment many financial centres have seen their ratings drop but it’s all far from bad news, especially if you’re based onshore.
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United Kingdom – Tax Effective?

August 11, 2008

The United Kingdom as a tax effective jursisdiction? Absolutely. The UK offers some of the most tax efficient structures available to the world wide community. As long as there is no trade within the UK – then you can benefit from the prestige of a UK company whilst enjoying tax free profits.
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British Virgin Islands (BVI) – International Business

August 11, 2008

British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British territory, located in the Caribbean. The islands make up part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands constituting the United States Virgin Islands.
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Isle of Man – Offshore

August 11, 2008

The Isle of Man is situated in the heart of the British Isles. The country is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the British Crown. It is an independent sovereignty and not part of the United Kingdom.
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