Tax Evasion And Nominee Directors

November 26, 2012

Once again the world of offshore finance, corporate service providers and tax evasion is about to be thrown into the mainstream spotlight. The Panorama program on BBC tonight is going to show how undercover reporters were able to utilise offshore companies and nominee directors to evade UK taxes. Is it really that simple? I’m sure we’ll find out tonight in Panorama’s in-depth reporting.
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Isle of Man Gives A Huge Sigh Of Relief As Jimmy Carr Tax Avoidance Highlights Jersey

June 21, 2012

They say all publicity is good publicity? I’m not so sure if the Channel Islands would agree with that right now, especially not the administrators behind the K2 tax avoidance scheme.
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Isle of Man Gets Rid Of ARI

February 17, 2011

The Manx budget was this week and whilst most of it was regarded as quite middle of the road and a bit of a none event one point did stand out. In light of what was expected from the OECD the Isle of Man has taken pre-emptive steps and got rid of the ARI element of zero 10 that was causing all the problems.
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Zero 10 – Isle of Man & Jersey

December 14, 2010

The system of corporate tax known as Zero 10 (or 0/10) is currently in use in both the Isle of Man and Jersey. Essentially it means 2 corporate tax rates, what rate you pay depends on the nature of the business. For example in the Isle of Man unless you are a bank you pay zero percent! However the European Union appears to not like Zero/10 and its days may be numbered.
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The Concept Of Offshore Tax

August 13, 2008

The important concept to remember about about benefiting from offshore tax havens is that the control and management of the tax generating entity (be it a company, a Trust or a Foundation) must be in the low or zero-tax jurisdiction.
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