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The reality is that for a great many businesses offshore jurisdictions offer very real business benefits – perhaps the number one being the extra cost savings! It can be very complicated though and you’ll need a corporate service provider you can rely on to guide you through the sometimes murky waters.

A good CSP can help your business in many different ways, here are some of the many reasons for using a CSP and looking offshore:-

1. E-Commerce – Many of the smaller offshore jurisdictions operate a much more dynamic economy than larger countries. In this respect they have become much more E friendly earlier.

2. Access to other markets – Some jurisdictions allow easy access to other larger markets that may not be available from your domiciled country.

3. The ownership of moveable and none moveable assets – If an offshore company owns an asset (such as property, yacht or plane) then not only can the company take advantage of any generous tax allowances but it can also help greatly with privacy issues.

4. Intellectual Property (IP) Rights – Using a CSP to setup a company to own your IP rights is a great way of protecting your investment. Not only that but because any rights sold on will be being sold by the owning company IP rights revenue will only be taxed at the possibly beneficial offshore jurisdictions rate.

CSP’s are there to make your life easier by easing the administrative burden. Providing company directors, secretaries, assisting in bank account opening and ensuring compliance with any number of local regulations in various jurisdictions. If you are currently considering using the services of a Corporate Service Provider in any of the following jurisdictions:-

* United Kingdom
* United States of America
* Hong Kong
* Switzerland
* Isle of Man
* British Virgin Islands (BVI)
* Anguilla
* Jersey
* Netherlands
* Guernsey
* Singapore

OR simply have any questions relating to how a CSP may be able to help your company

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